Wellness Expertise

Award-winning and internationally renowned Wellbeing Specialists, we create sartorial and innovative Wellness Concepts and new Spa Destinations.  

Glowing Flow helps Hotels to refresh & re-look their existing Spas, as well as design unforgettable spa Menus, treatments and life-changing retreats.

We support with 360° Wellness Project Management, Wellness Sales & Marketing Strategies and Team Coaching, also ensuring new ideas come to life through expert brainstorming. 

May your Wellness Experiences find their Glowing Flow: touch the heart, body and mind of your Guests, and achieve true sustainability in your business while inspiring your Team Members and ensuring they are motivated and fulfilled.

This is worldwide “Wellbeing Style” delivered by Italy’s finest.

Who may need us?

We support:

  • Spa Consultants, Heads of Wellness and Architects:  to create a new Wellness Identity for your clients to add the healing touch to design and to create unforgettable Spa & Wellness experiences
  • Hotel Owners: to create a sustainable and innovative Wellness offering integrating stellar customer service
  • Spa Directors: to add depth, improve sales and boost efficiencies; to create and develop the Team building talent; to design unforgettable customer experiences; to revamp an existing offering; and to develop strategies promoting happiness in the workplace
  • Hotel Groups: to infuse their luxury hospitality offering with Wellness that is meaningful
  • Wellness Companies, Cosmetic Brands and Therapists: to improve effectiveness and success in their desire to improve people’s lifestyles

Glowing Flow, the Heart Retreat.

We bring our celebrated Glowing Flow Retreat to select locations or serve as Visiting Masters all around the world. This is a one-of-kind, beautiful journey based on years of research and successful results incorporating trauma healing, meditation and transformational wellness. Stefano Battaglia is the multi award-winning Master of the Retreat and a world renowned Healer and pioneer of emotional healing for Wellness Hotels. 

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The Founders of Glowing Flow

Patrizia Bortolin

Wellness Consultant & Spa Designer

Stefano Battaglia

Visiting Master
Spa Trainer - Retreat Leader

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