Patrizia Bortolin

An award-Winning Wellness Consultant & Spa Designer with a successful track record in designing, developing and launching unforgettable wellness concepts, Retreats, treatments and products, for emerging and established brands in the hospitality sector.

Patrizia Bortolin is a Life Coach, Transformational Wellness Pioneer, Wellbeing researcher and World Food Travel Association Ambassador, with extensive experience in  transformational tourism, wellness sales & marketing, healing wellness hospitality, sustainability, beauty & natural remedies.

Industry leaders, high profile clientele and travel specialists  recognised Bortolin’s unique ability to design and manage memorable Spa Concepts in remarkable locations.  She incorporates world-class healing, beauty, and contemporary wellness principles to create world-renowned spas for which she has been honoured with the most prestigious international Spa Awards.

A love of learning and passion for healing continually guides Bortolin in building a meaningful career in international Spa Management and her pioneering mental wellbeing approaches, awareness and body-mind-spirit integrated wellness tools.

Bortolin has extensive experience leading Medical Spas, Spa Destinations and luxury Spa Hotels which gives her a profound and very concrete knowledge and understanding of wellness hospitality.  She has also previously travelled widely as an Executive for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies.


  • Best Spa Innovation Award, European Health Spa Awards 2021;
  • Most Transformational Wellness Travel Experience 2022, LuxLife Awards;
  • Holistic Treatment of the year 2019, Destination Deluxe Awards, Glowing Flow;
  • Condé Nast, Best Life Changing Spa Experience 2017;
  • Top Ten Hospitality Managers Winner 2021, Hotel Mag US;
  • Best Global Spa Manager 2021, Haute Grandeur;
  • Best Spa Manager of Europe, Vienna, European Health Spa Awards 2016;
  • Spa Personality of the year, winner of the Black diamond award, Forum Hotel & Spa, Paris 2016;
  • World-class luxury holistic & healing Spa, Muse Hotel Awards 2021; Readers’s Choice Awards as Best Spa
  • Destination Condé Nast T. US 2020 + 2021;
  • Best Spa Hotel Europe, European Health Spa Awards, Vienna 2017;
  • Global winner best emerging Spa, Haute Grandeur Awards 2016;
  • Best Wellness Spa of the World, Boutique hotel Awards, London 2016;
  • Tatler Spa Award, London 2012;
  • Gala Spa Award, Innovative Spa concept, Germany 2013