Stefano Battaglia

Visiting Master
Spa Trainer - Retreat Leader

Award-winning Master Therapist Stefano Battaglia is world-renowned for his pioneering approach to emotional Wellness and Trauma Healing which has enhanced some of the most inspiring European Spas. Stefano has a solid background in healing techniques, holistic clinical experience, is a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, and integrates the healing power of Water and Sound into his sessions.

“His name is a whispered secret amongst spa and travel journalists who have experienced his unique therapeutic touch which is often life-changing”.

Acclaimed as an original researcher with a unique touch, Stefano’s dedication and talent have earned him many awards.  He has been named among the “Five Best International Healers” by the prestigious Tatler Spa Guide (2019), and among the Top Ten “Best Energy Healers” by Energy Healing Magazine (2020 & 2021).  In 2020, Stefano’s signature Glowing Flow session won  ‘Holistic Treatment of the Year” in the Destination Deluxe Awards; and in 2022 he was included in the special Spa Issue of National Geographic as “One of The Best 8 Life-changing Therapists.”

Stefano’s Glowing Flow session is integral to the Glowing Flow Retreat (“The Heart Retreat”) in which Stefano brings all his wisdom and expertise to bear.  The quality and precision of Stefano’s healing touch, his presence, and his deep understanding create safe and unforgettable experiences for a multi-generational target of Wellness Seekers.

"My intention as an experienced therapist is to awaken your inner therapist or inner guide, since we all have an inbuilt self-balancing principle and/or guiding light.”

Above all, Stefano wants to be remembered as a person with whom there was never any need to put on a mask – an authentic person who takes nothing for granted.  His most profound motivation is to help people heal the problems and “holes” in the soma by highlighting what is already working well in the system. He balances the sensitivity and lightness of his touch with a great sense of humour.  Not one to seek the spotlight, Stefano doesn’t consider his work as a profession, but rather a Dharma, a natural order of principles that underlie the essence of Life. 

“We all share the same stage, we’re in the same boat, there is no separation whatsoever. The biggest healing element to our sessions is that whatever emerges will be accepted, taken care of, and dealt with, with love and utter respect.”